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“One Second Before Awakening” – A Novel by Robert Hill

One moment he was looking at the painting on the museum wall, and the next Drew Anthony found himself standing in the midst of the painting itself, thus propelling him into a living, painted world filled with both strange and wondrous beings – all based upon the collected renderings of Salvador Dali. Pursued by the Horseman of Death across a surreal landscape, Drew begins the search to find his way back to reality, but at the same time he transforms himself and the painted world surrounding him.

ONE SECOND BEFORE AWAKENING is a fantasy/adventure novel which takes place within a compilation of the various surreal subjects and scenes depicted by the great 20th century master, Salvador Dali. It is a world populated by space elephants, drawer people, amorphous cannibals, and the mysterious flower-headed Fates – the very witnesses of past, present, and future. So when Drew Anthony finds himself stepping into the midst of a painting come to life, the first thing he wants to do is to find his way out, not end up journeying across a spectacular world peopled by the magical and the terrifying. His odyssey ends up changing the destiny of a beautiful woman, altering the philosophy of the people within this bizarre, painted dimension, and transforming himself from just an average man from an ordinary world into a transformational messiah trapped in a surreal place.


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