Show A Little Self-Respect

The First Rule of Martial Arts …

Mematic_meme_20170914_120437_1505408683702The basic principle of respect is to treat all things living or inanimate with respect. Failure to do so could bring about suffering to other living things, other persons, or yourself.

In the case of one’s self, a lack of self-respect can lead to harm to your being, either physically or mentally or both. If you lack respect for yourself, this could lead to neglect or abuse of your body and your mind possibly resulting in poor health, a poor self-image, and the degradation of your personal relationships with those surrounding you. If you are in poor health, you certainly cannot maintain happiness for very long, nor will you hold on to peace. And if your health is sufficiently diminished this will subsequently diminish your ability to attain success in your daily life.

Your body is a temple that should be respected and honored. Your mind is a library of wealthy information held within that temple. Take care of both. See the greatness in yourself and show kindness to the people and the world surrounding you. Commit to a proper diet, and exercise your body and your mind through physical activity and through learning. Remove harmful things and habits from your everyday life. They have no place in it. And know that within you is a truly wonderful human being of worth and value beyond measure for there is no one else in the universe exactly like you. You matter, know that within your heart, and also know that there are those surrounding you of whom you matter to as well.

“Teaching Skills For Life”

Robert Hill
Kung Jung Mu Sul of Texas

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