Power Word – Initiative

Taking the initiative is where we do things without being told or take action in situations where others might not.  This is incredibly important for your success, as it separates the average person from the go-getters.  If you have to be told what to do every step of the way, you are in essence a follower.  But if you do things without being told, even if it is done incorrectly, that sends the message that you are an independent thinker and a doer.  Those who take the initiative are often noticed.  They stand out, or more aptly put, they move forward to the front of the group and essentially become the leader.

In a martial arts setting, this would be the student who practices more often outside of class.  Oftentimes, this is noticed by the instructors because not all students will train before or after the class they have come to attend.  This also becomes apparent while in class as their performance sometimes is better than the students who did not take the initiative to train and practice outside of class.  If you’re training in martial arts, imagine where you would be with your skills if you took that initiative and practiced outside of class.  The training would become accelerated, and your instructor would be aware of this.  The instructor might even be more inclined to teach you more and at a quicker pace.  Even better, if your intent is to become an instructor yourself, showing initiative will strengthen and illustrate your work ethic and your capability to become a leader.

This also holds true in everyday life outside the training academy.  At home, showing the initiative leads a feeling of dependability, respect, and trust within your family.  If you do not have to be told to do something, but rather do it on your own, your family will trust you to handle any task and won’t be inclined to prompt you into doing it.  At work or at school, this demonstrates to others that you are capable of becoming a leader.  Positions of responsibility open up and become available to you, leading to opportunities you would not have if you merely moved along like all the others surrounding you.

So when you see things that need to be done, whether it is for yourself, your family, your employer or your own business, take the initiative and do the hard work that others won’t do.  Soon enough you will find doorways to success opening for you that lead to happiness, wealth, and victory.

“Teaching Skills For Life”

Robert Hill


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