Powerful Word – Appreciation

Showing appreciation can be a powerful tool for reaching success and for living a happy life.  When we show appreciation to someone for the things they have done for us, we build a bond with that person that leads to great joy.  Appreciation is the mortar that builds the foundation for a deep and fulfilling relationship.  And it is that relationship which is critical to our success.  If we cannot form deep, meaningful bonds with those around us, we are doomed to failure no matter what our aim.

Yet, we rarely think of appreciation as that action that can bring us success.  Instead, we focus our time, energy, and resources.  Instead, we plan out in intricate detail how to become educated and skilled.  Instead, we create complex methods and complicated techniques, and formulate tactics and strategies hoping they will help us reach our goals.

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Now all of these measures are important, certainly.  However, it is in showing appreciation for what we have that can assist us in significant ways, sometimes more so than any of our best laid plans.  Appreciation is a powerful interpersonal tool that costs us nothing, requires little skill or education, and does not require great effort, yet can be easily utilized to build powerful, intimate bonds with those around us.  And it is through those relationships where the opportunities to achieve what we want truly exist.

As an example of how appreciation can lead to success, let’s look at it within the context of a relationship between spouses.  The simple act of appreciating what your spouse does for you emotionally, mentally, and routinely goes much, much further than anything else you could ever say to them.  And it is not just words that can form the understanding of your appreciation.  Actions also demonstrate your appreciation for your spouse.  Bring her flowers not just because it is a special occasion, but because you simply appreciate her and all the things she means to you.  Cook him his favorite meal on a Tuesday evening even though you’re dead tired from an exhausting day at work.  Clean the house as if she had done it herself in the way that she would like it to be done.  Tell one another with specific words what it is you appreciate about them.  Show them that each thing and each action they take matters to you and that you love them for it.

This will manifest itself in your life in other ways outside the relationship with your spouse that far outweigh anything you could do toward the achievement of your success.  Other things outside the relationship will also be advanced and enhanced.  Your goals, despite possible setbacks or difficulties, will feel less arduous.  Your emotional state will become positive, thus helping you move through obstacles with ease.  And the support you will receive from your spouse will buoy you to greater heights as you move toward your goals.

And it all starts with one simple action:  Showing appreciation.

imagesThere are so many other examples of how appreciation can further your success personally and professionally.  But right now, stop what you’re doing and look to that one person you appreciate the most.  Tell them how much you appreciate them.  Show them how much you love them for what they have done for you and how they have made your life better than ever.  Just doing this is success in its own right and opens the door to your true peace and happiness.

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