The Chicken Or The Egg

Does success determine happiness or does happiness determine success?

Sometimes we struggle to achieve success in whatever we strive toward not because the task is difficult, but rather because of our emotional state of mind.  When our emotions are negative or we are feeling down, even the most mundane tasks, much less important endeavors, become impossible if not monumental.  This is a deception our emotions play upon us to keep us from the goal.images (2)

We sometimes see this on the training floor at the martial arts school.  One day the student comes to class and is performing a particular self-defense technique.  The student performs adequately and without difficulty.  But then in a subsequent class the student executes the same self-defense technique, and the results are less than satisfactory.  In assessing what happened, it is discovered that the student’s attitude is negative at that moment for various reasons or another, and this has affected their performance of the technique.

This phenomenon also holds true in the business world.  There we find companies that perform a service or provide a product because they know the service or product is in high demand.  But the business leader is unable to profit from this high demand service or product because the leader is not happy, positive, or passionate about the product being sold.  Eventually this leads to the business failing.

successConversely, and this is where the above quote is most obviously demonstrated, you find a business leader running a company that provides a service or product that is not typically in wide use by mainstream society, nor is there high profitability for this service or product.   Yet, the business thrives.  The service or product from that company attains high profitability and becomes the benchmark within the industry because the leader is happy, positive, and passionate.

To take this a step further, there is a mindset behind this success.  The mindset is that the business leader is actually happy with what they are doing and is not even concerned with profitability.  The leader is simply doing something or providing something that they love without regard to profit.  They do it for the simple joy of doing it, and because of this positive, passionate, happy energy customers are attracted to the product in the form of fervent fans.

Let’s take this full circle back to the martial arts student.  If a student is positive and enjoys the practice of martial arts but is not a natural performer of martial arts, the simple joy of practicing martial arts will propel them much quicker toward the coveted black belt than the student that is athletically gifted but is not quite so passionate about the martial arts.

Discover the things that make you happy in life first, and the success you desire will come as a result of that.

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