Power Word – Politeness

Showing good manners and respect to others is the literal definition of this powerful word.  Politeness can truly go a long way toward making you a powerful individual and propel you further toward your success.

But how often do we truly serve up politeness in our daily lives?  Think about the clerk in the store where you attempted to exchange an item.  Or the fellow driver on the highway that wants to make a lane change in front of you?  How about your co-workers (even the ones that are not polite in return)?  How quickly would you get that item exchanged if you were abrupt or less than courteous with that clerk?  Would that fellow driver become aggressive with you if you chose not let them make a lane change?  How would the work environment feel if you and your co-workers had a casual attitude toward common courtesy and politeness?  Feel the tension already rising?

So, yes, politeness can indeed become a powerful word in terms of keeping the peace, so to speak and expediting matters important to you.  But it can also lead to much, much more in quite unexpected ways.  I’ll share with you a true story I once read about regarding politeness.

An elderly lady entered a retail shop and was greeted by a sales clerk on the floor.  He attended to the elderly lady, waiting on her patiently, and assisting her with various imagesclothing items she appeared interested in buying.  The clerk spent over an hour with the lady as she perused the shop, but in the end she purchased nothing.  The clerk remained polite and courteous the entire time.

A couple of days passed and a gentleman appeared at the retail shop.  When approached by the same clerk who had previously helped the elderly lady, the gentleman asked for him by name.  The gentleman went on to explain that he wanted to thank the clerk for attending to his mother.  He was actually somewhat apologetic about the matter, but also greatly impressed with the clerk, who had spent so much time and treated his mother with such kindness and respect.  The gentleman then went on to offer the retail clerk a position within his own company.  As it turned out the gentleman ran a large corporation and was quite wealthy.  The offer was accepted and the retail clerk went from making a modest retail wage to a six-figure income as the gentleman’s personal assistant.

So, always remember, politeness can indeed go a long way toward your own success.  Because you never know who it is that you may encounter in your life.  That elderly lady you just assisted, the man you let change lanes in front of you, or even a co-worker may be that one person who could provide the pathway to success and happiness.  And it was all because you practiced the deep principles of a powerful word known as politeness.

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