Vision & Inspiration

Ask any of our Leadership Program students, and they will tell you that in their leadership classes it is often discussed what are the qualities of a leader. They know a good leader has the ability to serve those who follow, can inspire others to accomplish gdalailamareat things, accept responsibility, show great self-control and confidence in the face of turmoil, and have excellent communication skills.

They also know that the leader is the one out front, looking to the journey forward and seeing with the furthest vision what lies ahead. It is the leader who communicates to those he serves how the team will reach their destination, and the leader does this by inspiring and encouraging the team that they can accomplish the journey no matter how bumpy the road might be. It is these qualities of seeing ahead and then using inspirational communication that a great leader shows those who follow how to achieve their own greatness as individuals and the greatness of the team as a whole.

Without this ability to translate the vision of what is to come, coupled with the of inspiration, there can be no success.  Think of those leaders of the past who inspired us: President Kennedy, when he urged the nation to put a man on the moon; Dr. King when he inspired us with his dream.  Where would we be now had they been unable to translate their vision?

Anyone can be a leader, but to be a great leader, you must see far ahead and look at the big picture. Once you do that, look to your team, whether it be your family, your co-workers, your associates, students, or the teeming masses of humanity, and communicate your vision using the passion of inspiration to show them the road ahead.

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