Power Word – Enthusiasm

20170608_184632When we have enthusiasm this motivates us to push hard toward the goal we desire.  Enthusiasm is the emotional fuel by which we accomplish great things.  In a sense, it is like the after-burner for a jet fighter plane.  If the jet is traveling at subsonic speeds, it is certainly traveling at a considerable velocity.  But when the after-burner kicks in, the jet fighter pushes through the sound barrier propelling it far quicker to its destination.

Also, when we are enthusiastic, others can see it.  This is especially important when enthusiasm is present and demonstrated while attempting to learn something new.  By being enthusiastic, this creates energy within yourself to help focus on the lesson at hand.  It also creates energy in a synergistic fashion with the one teaching the lesson.  When a teacher sees that the student is enthusiastic, this prompts the teacher to be more in-depth than might normally be expected with the lesson at hand and to perhaps progress beyond the lesson to deeper concepts.  It also allows for the student to go further into the subject at a quicker pace.

It is experienced in our martial arts classes every day.  If the students are enthusiastic about their training, even if they are not athletically gifted, they propel themselves further than the naturally talented who may not be quite as energized.  If they are not filled with enthusiasm, no matter their martial arts skillsets, they perform at a mediocre level, the frequency of their training is far less and much slower, and their absorption of concepts and principles is lackluster.

But then the question arises; what if the goal is such that we have no enthusiasm?  What can I do if I need to complete a goal but simply cannot find the enthusiasm to push forward?  The answer is truly a matter of mindset.

For example, many times we feel a lack of enthusiasm for a task because the process toward completion of the task is tedious, mundane, or perhaps physically difficult.  We look at the task without looking at the positive results that will come from it.  For example, one may not be a great fan of mowing the lawn.  You’re out there getting all sweaty and dirty, and when you’re done, you’re exhausted.  Who wants to be enthusiastic about that?  In this case, the mindset is focused on the steps in the process rather than on the positive end result.  But if the mind switches from focusing on the process to that of the end result, enthusiasm will kick in.  When you become enthusiastic about the result, everything changes.

The same holds true in our martial arts training.  There are drills and exercises that can be the least exciting and quite exhausting, yet provide many benefits that allow for mastery of other martial arts skills.  Without them our abilities to execute basic martial arts techniques is greatly diminished.  We may not like the drills, but the results over time are prevalent.  So flip the switch to look at the result and not the process, and kick in the after-burner.  From there your knowledge and your abilities vastly improve.

Enthusiasm is a powerful word to add to your vocabulary and to your daily thoughts.  Without it, there is nothing to fuel the engine of your success.


Robert Hill

Kung Jung Mu Sul of Texas

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