Using Passion (As Your Motivational Guide)

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Prior to the discovery of my purpose, I was an ambitious entrepreneur running a successful small business.  On the surface it appeared that I had the perfect life – a beautiful home, nice cars, and I could do whatever I desired.  Yet I remained discontented and my life lacked purpose.  What’s more, it lacked passion.

I knew that I wanted to change my life, but I hadn’t a clue how to do it or where to even start.  I knew I was meant for something more, but had no direction and no goals – no motivation.  I knew what I was currently doing with my life, by definition, was a success.  I had everything, yet I felt as though I had nothing.  I had reached a point where I wanted to change the direction of my life, professionally and personally.  So I looked back upon the course of my life – my entire life – and looked for the threads that ran through it.  Then I asked myself one question.

What were the things I really cared about?  And what I meant by that was what was I passionate about.

I began answering this question by identifying what types of occupations had I done throughout my life and then, also, looking at the things or activities I simply enjoyed doing.

My professional life ranged from being a paramedic to a private detective.  From this I derived that each occupation had one thing in common – I wanted to be like a superhero and rescue anyone in distress.

In terms of activities that I enjoyed doing, many things went through my head, especially the fact that I had enjoyed doing so many different things from amateur astronomy to beer making.  Most of these things, however, were just passing interests – with the exception of two things.  Those two things were writing and martial arts.  Both had been with me as a regular part of who I was for many, many years.  These were not passing interests.

Lastly, I reflected on what drove me personally from a relationship and family perspective.   I readily realized that what I wanted was a sense of family, and for me a “sense of family” meant that closeness and acceptance of who we are no matter our flaws.  Hence, family did not necessarily mean that I had to be related by blood or marriage.

Upon looking at these things, I discovered where I truly needed to go, what I needed to do, and what was my purpose in life.  The very things I felt passionate about were what motivated me to achieve my goals.  A fire had been lit to show me the way.

Many years later, I can now see how this process of looking inward at what I felt passionate about helped me, and I can see the results.  I now teach and train in the martial arts as my profession.  It allows me to help people become greater than they thought they could be and become very much like superheroes themselves.  I write professionally and in many cases, such as right now, I write about things related to martial arts and personal development.  I also have a sense of family through the close bond I share with my students and my fellow martial artists.  My life has a purpose that is guided by the light of passion.  That light continues to motivate me, continues to push me toward my goals, and continues to give me success along the way.

So if you are struggling to find your purpose and to identify the goals you wish to achieve that will lead to your success in your life, take a moment.  Actually, take several moments, if you must, and look inward to the things you enjoy, the things you feel passionate about, and the things you really want in your life.  Once you do that, you will easily know where you need to go – what is your purpose – and your passion for it will guide the way toward it.


Robert Hill

Kung Jung Mu Sul of Texas

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