Staying on the Straight Line to Peace

Your moment of Zen (according to the anti-guru) …

It’s as simple as this. If you can practice staying in the moment to the point where time becomes one straight line (as opposed to a line that is broken by random thoughts of the past or future), you will have no need for gurus, so-called spiritual guides, self-help books, or mystical workshops. By staying in the moment, that one moment becomes a continuous linear path upon which already lies the peace, tranquility, and happiness you seek.

If you cannot stay in the moment, then there is knowledge, information, guides, and gurus for you to consult in order to get your head wrapped around the concept.

It may sound easy, staying in the moment. But just try to actively meditate and you will understand just how hard it truly is to keep your mind from drifting toward the past or to the future.

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