The Art of Motivation Official Release!

It’s official!  “The Art of Motivation” has been released for purchase.  Buy your copy today!

We all have hopes and dreams, but they will remain as such if we don’t take action.  Now’s the time to get motivated.  Now’s the time to turn your dreams into your reality.

Here’s an excerpt from The Art of Motivation:

Part Three

Shaping One’s Mindset

You Are What You Think

It is human nature to think of all the bad things and possibilities that could occur.  Even when highly motivated to achieve a goal, human beings will oftentimes default toward what could go wrong.  They also hit the default button in their mind in terms of their current and future situation and sense of self.

Even when we think that things are going wonderfully and we are on track, sometimes we doubt our own thoughts, chiding ourselves that perhaps we are just trying to convince ourselves that things are wonderful, when we are actually in denial.  This is reinforced by our popular culture and by the people around us, who are also struggling with positivity, motivation, and faith.  How can we stay motivated and move toward our goals when we look at our situation and ourselves, and all we see is gloom and doom as a certain possibility?  How can we take control of our destiny and achieve our goals if we dwell on where we were, where we came from, and on the negative spin we have used about ourselves and our worthiness in society?

When you ask a child what it is they want to do or be when they grow up, the common answers are they want to be the President of the United States or an astronaut or a professional basketball player.  They think in open, very positive terms about whom they are and their potential.  They dream big and feel like the world is there’s for the taking.  But when you ask a teenager or a young adult what they want to do with their life, their goals and aspirations are typically not so lofty.  Society and the culture within which we exist has stripped away their visions of what could be, stripped away their unlimited possibilities, and given them a sense of self-worth that leans toward mediocrity.

How do we fight against this pervading negativity that turns us from wonderstruck children to downtrodden adults?

The saying, you are what you eat is true about your body (and your brain).  We know if we eat foods that are bad for us, our physical self will look and feel bad.  But our self-image and what we feel we are capable of is guided by what we feed our minds.  Simply put, we are what we think, and our perception of our reality is shaped by it.  We constantly without truly recognizing it visualize our reality into being (sometimes negatively).  But what if we consciously directed and visualized our reality and did so in a present tense mindset.  Athletes do this all the time.  They visualize in their mind winning the big game as if it has already happened.  They visualize every minute detail as to how they win the big game, right down the game winning move.

Entrepreneurs and successful business leaders also visualize who they are and where they are going with their business interests.  They see themselves as millionaires in the present moment even before they have started up their company.  They discard the notion that they are living in denial, and assert the notion that they have faith in themselves and believe, even when they are broke and bankrupted, that they are the best in their field, and the wealthiest among us.  They visualize all the things they want as if they have it already.  And that’s what you need to do.  You need to visualize what you want to be, what you want in your life, and think as if you already have it.  At that point what you become what you have fed your mind – you become what you think.


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